Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches
Jills grandparents are deep in debt and the dastardly Cliff Gold is eager to foreclose on their home. Her only chance to raise the money they need to pay him off is to win the gardening contest. Cliff Gold will do everything he can to stop Jill from winning the contest, even if he has to participate himself. Without help your Jill wont stand a chance. Will you be the one to help her and save her home from Golds evil clutches?

Help Jill to save her grandparents house by winning a gardening competition!

System Requirements:
  • Supported OS:   [Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista]
  • Processor:   1000 MHz
  • RAM:   512 MB
  • Hard Disk:   350 MB
  • Video Card:   32 MB

$6.89 as of 2015-11-07 20:52:24 EST

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