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Azada is a new game download soon to be released. The adventurer Titus has been trapped in a haunted room and he has asked you to free him from the magical spell binding him. To free him, you must solve the puzzles of Azada. Complete the puzzles and fill in the missing pages of an enchanted book to free Titus. With over 40 great puzzles, hidden levels, and hidden clues which unlock secret levels Azada game is a great game download for the whole family. If you’ve enjoyed the Nancy Drew games or Sherlock Holmes, you’ll love the Azada game download. We will have it for you when it is available.

Update: Azada has been released and it’s a really fun collection of puzzles.

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16 Comments on “Azada”

  1. Diamond Gamer says:

    im hopin someone is smarter then I , i have no clue what the object is and what to do with the puzzles
    I got as far as the bathroom , and the puzzle in the hamper i have no clue what its suppose to do

  2. ThreeMandaJ says:

    :grin: Fantastic Game! If you like puzzles… you’ll like this. But I’m stuck on the Library Room. I keep following all the directions, and clicking on the coordinates, but nothing happens!!! It’s very, very frustrating! But it WAS a great game up until that point! (Maybe something I’m not right??)

    • william Fitzgerald says:

      I have enjoyed Azada too!!!, until I arrived at the coordinate points in the library game window. I finally got it right on my 3rd try though!!!! That’s statistically way too many mistakes for this program to make with this type of game. The game up to and beyond the Library game is fantastic.

  3. Diamond Gamer says:


    I loved Azada. I have been doing games like mystery case files but am getting tired of finding things in photos
    I like the puzzle aspect the clues, but I have not been able to find anymore games like AZADA

    are there any others?

    I hope so, someone please let me know – I’m hooked!

  4. Diamond Gamer says:

    I love it but I am stuck on the match the symbols wall. When I have cracked it-a] I don’t know how and b} i have run out of time!! Can somebody help??? :mad:

  5. sha says:

    hey well i got to the end and can not go further is this all to the game or am i to go to another area for a new book help!!!! :neutral: :neutral:

  6. Alexia says:

    I love this game..It`s very good..the graphic is good and when you don`t have what to will find it very good:D

  7. Diamond Gamer says:

    You have to steam the mirror first. Use the other items. I hope that helps without giving too much away.

  8. Diamond Gamer says:

    I am totally stuck on the pipes. No matter what I do nothing happens. HELP

    • william Fitzgerald says:

      Hi, Make sure you use at least 3 of your pipe stoppers. That seems to be the majical number for me. Anything less and the game will not reward me my green piece of paper. Also, make good use of your elbows. Good Luck. Bro. Bill

  9. Diamond Gamer says:

    Hi, we all love this game but it is very puzzling,that is what makes it a good game. it takes more than one brain to work it all out. dissapointing when you get to the end as there is no more but it does hint at more to come. we are all looking forward to that.

  10. Diamond Gamer says:

    If you like the rooms in Azada, you will like Dream Chronicles and Dream Chronicles 2

    Another similar game is Hidden Secrets The Nightmare – it has both the rooms to solve and the mini games 00 but it has a darker story line

  11. Diamond Gamer says:

    The object is to get make a path from one end to the other. but it is not that simple. You have to include ALL the pipes in order to finish the challenge.

    You should be able to click on the pipes to turn them. From there you need to make sure that all of the pipes are attached to something with no free ends (The little short pipes are stops) The pipes cannot face a wall – they must either be linked to each other or one of the little short pipes.

  12. Diamond Gamer says:

    I liked the room puzzles the best. I really wish that they would let us play those again (rather than the mini games)

  13. Nitix says:

    Hi, about the library…i too got frustrated but once you figure out what books to pick and make the machine running, the screen will give you two numbers for you to click on the map on the table.

  14. lolly says:

    i`m loving azada its just my kind of games but cant find any others like it. can you tell me if there is one out there please?

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