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Online HelpGetting help is very easy at Diamond Games. Please follow the links below or leave a comment on this page for game support. Thank you for being a valued customer!

Game Support

To receive support contact our partners directly:
Gamehouse Support for help with FunPass, FunTickets, and Gamehouse games.
iWin Games Support for games with the iWin logo or iWin arcade installer.
Yahoo! Games Support for help with those games downloaded from Yahoo!.


Contact the fulfillment vendor to receive your refund. Refer to the email you received with the unlock code information to determine who was your vendor, and then follow the support links above. The Diamond Games, LLC cannot directly issue you a refund and we do not have access to sales information.

Updating Directx for WindowsXP

If you experience any lockups or crashes, make sure that you have the latest DirectX drivers for your video and audio hardware. Most problems can be fixed by installing DirectX 10 but some manufactures have newer drivers than those included with DirectX 10. Be sure to contact the specific manufacture for your hardware for the latest drivers. Also be sure to reboot your computer before playing after a crash. Often times, without a reboot, the problem may lie in memory and will occur again.

DirectX is freely available from Microsoft:

How to Play Free Trials

To play a free trial game download the game by clicking on the download link on the game page. Install the game by clicking “open” or “run” and then following the instructions. The game will typically have an icon to run on the desktop after it is installed, double click on that icon to play the game. Some games require Internet access or a trial membership to play.

Comments on our Customer Support Page

You are also welcome to leave a message here or contact us and we will do our best to answer your question.

Thank you and enjoy your games!

52 Comments on “Customer Support”

  1. lady45eng says:

    the game downloads,then when i find hidden objects and click on them it doeant moe,can anyone help me?

  2. Diamond Gamer says:

    Hi are any of the games on this website online games? and if not could you make some online games or else i will lose interest in diamond

  3. Hi, we will add more web games for you! You can try Gas Mania, our first web game added to the site. Thanks!

  4. joann says:

    i love the game the little shop of treasure, i which they let me play it again, for free, maybe in a few month i can afford to buy it, a big fan of diamond games, thanks, :smile: :smile: :smile:

  5. Diamond Gamer says:

    when will dream wedding day be ready for mac osx
    canyou help

  6. Diamond Gamer says:

    On Big City Adventuer SanFrancisco I am having trouble getting past level 42 knocking the tiles down. Is there a place to go that will help getting past this level. I must have played it 150 times with no luck to go to my next destination.

  7. micky7830 says:

    How do you get Mortimer Beckett and the Spooky Mansion Free Download, everytime I try to download it nothing happens????

  8. pat says:

    I just bought Mortimer Beckett and the secrets of spooky manor and I am STUCK in the West Wing..
    Is there a place I can go for help like there was in VV lost children??
    I hate when I buy a game and get sooo stuck that I just want to chuck it cause I can’t find anyone to help he!

  9. Diamond Gamer says:

    ı just play Mortimer Beckett and the secrets of spooky manor and ı am stuck in the west wing ı don’t find the wedding broche. where is it? anyone else find it?

  10. Diamond Gamer says:

    I found this site with all the spoilers… Hope it helps

  11. Diamond Gamer says:

    Hey there,

    You have to use the book to open up a new room, in that room you will find a man, I think you give him the sword and he gives you the broach.

  12. Diamond Gamer says:

    I have been trying for three days to download Hawiian Explorer to no avail. I bought the game twice thinking I did something wrong. I keep getting a screen that says the game is in queqe and I will be notified when it’s done. As I said that was 3 days ago. How long does it take for this game to download?!!

  13. Diamond Gamer says:

    I was so pleased to see that you recognized me as a Mac, unlike many other similar game sites. Alas! I was so dissapointed to see that you offer only 3 downloads for Macs! I own about half a dozen games == which include two out of your three offerings. Onward through the internet . . . in search of more mac-friendly territory.

  14. Diamond Gamer says:

    i am stuck in room 12 i looking for peases of statuw please help me

  15. Diamond Gamer says:

    I would love to leave “thoughtful and useful” here but instead I am BEGGING SOMEONE to tell me how to get an answer to a problem not listed? I truly HATE lists of questions that do not provide a “does this answer your question, if not, write to us” lead.

    All the suggestions above do not help a MAC user who downloaded a game only to get a very bizarre problem when she tried to play. “Engine RElease” means what exactly? What happens is i go to play the game and get multiple screens labeled “engine release” and cannot get out of it, cannot play. This happened elsewhere and I still don’t understand it.
    Sorry no smiley either. But an explanation would be nice.

  16. Diamond Gamer says:

    I have just downloaded the free trial of wedding dash 2. When I go to play it an error message comes up saying invalid server response (1)

  17. We now have a Mac section with over 100 game downloads. See the top of the page and look for the “Mac” link. Enjoy!

  18. Try downloading the game from one of the alternative links listed on the game page. If you had trouble with one site there are links to other places where you can get the game as well.

  19. It’s now available in the Mac Section of the site.

  20. In hidden object games sometimes the item isn’t what you expect, try looking for a similar object on the screen.

  21. Sounds like a firewall issue. The game usually downloads in a few minutes, depending on the speed of your internet. If you’re still having trouble try downloading from one of the alternative locations listed on the game page.

  22. In which game are you stuck in room 12?

  23. We haven’t heard of this problem. Which mac game had the problem? You might try the reflexive support, as they are the partner we use for mac game downloads. Good luck!

  24. This sounds like there is an issue connecting to the internet to play the game. If you are still having the problem, try an alternate game download location.

  25. Try the comment section of that game on our site to ask about specific games. People are really helpful so maybe someone would know!

  26. Diamond Gamer says:

    Hi, I’m playing chocolatier 2 but I’m stuck. I have to create infussions but i can’t get the engines. Can anybody help me?

  27. Diamond Gamer says:

    I have paid for a game and unlocked it on my macbook. Is it possible to unlock and play the same game on my iMac or does the game have to be purchased again.

  28. You can unlock the same game on your iMac. Our Mac game section is powered by Reflexive which offers “Unlimited game installations on any computer you own, forever!”.

  29. Rose says:

    ❓ I have tried to download several different times from Diamond. I have iwin, arcade. I have dial-up so it may take 2/3hrs. It downloads, but leaves a message that it did not download. The last I tried ID#1736703654450130710. Any suggestions?

  30. Sarah says:

    I’ve purchased ‘Mystery Case Files Huntsville’ and I’m getting an error after I put my agent name in and click ‘Start’, ‘Direct Player Error – List expected for handler, #count”. Can you help me with this please?

  31. Diamond Gamer says:

    😕 I click on the download link for zoo vets:endangered animals and I get a white page with the shockwave logo on it. There are no other download links for the game. 😕 :sad:

  32. Thank you for letting us know about the issue. It has now been fixed! Please re-visit the download page to be direct to the download location.

  33. Diamond Gamer says:

    can you tell me when Go-Go Gourmet 2: Chef of the Year will be released there are no comments on your site and i cannot get it too download thank you Linda

  34. Diamond Gamer says:

    I playing the game Women’s murder Club: Death in Scarlet on Mac OS X; Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo.
    I am on Investigation 7 and I am trying to piece the note together. I am right-click to rotate the piece and it does not work.
    I tried to use a space bar to rotate the piece and it did not work.
    Please advise me which key I need to use in order to rotate the piece.
    Thank you.

  35. Anonymous says:

    @Linda You can now download Go-Go Gourmet 2 Chef of the year. Search for it with the search box at the top of the site. Thanks!

  36. lisa sandifer says:

    I just played mortimer beckett and the time paradox twice and when I get to the end where you go through the gates and it has all the object that you collected through out the game and they are sitting on columns that tell where they where collected….It doesn’t tell you what to do next so I tried matching the items with the time period…and nothing happen so I’m stuck…can you help

  37. rick boyce says:

    My computer is too slow to buy download games on line. Is there a site where i can buy the disc to be mailed to me on these hidden object games. I sure would like to buy some if i could. thank you in advance and hope to hear from someone soon.

  38. Kristi Ambrose says:

    A few months ago I bought a game and downloaded it. Then I had to get my computer formatted by Geek Squad and they put a new drive in so I lost everything. Spintop has an option where you can enter in your email and they will “check” to see if you bought anything from them. Unfortunately I cant remember who I bought from but I think it might have been you guys. It was a hidden object game. If anyone can please email me and help me figure out what game it was and an activation link that would be appreciated. Thanks

  39. @Kristi, A good way to recover a game is to search your email for the receipt and re-download it using the link in the email. This will also include your activation code in the email.

  40. hone-e-e-y says:

    i brought the puzzle express game a year ago.had work done on computer ( disk drive cleaned) and now i can’t open game.i also have a new e-mail, so i can’t retrieve my registration code etc.
    what do i do?

    • A good thing to try would be to load the game and see if it mentions the publishers. Then get in contact with them, rely to them information such as your old email address used to register the game. You should be able to retrieve your old game license, especially if you have the billing information. The links to publisher support pages are at the top of the support page once you have identified which company it was. They usually have big logos on the game to identify it. Have fun playing Puzzle Express once again!

  41. peter says:

    hi are you bringing out the lost cases sherlock holmes vol 2
    please let me know ty

  42. Jacquie says:

    Hi, if I buy one of the Hidden Objects games do I also get the CD with it?

    • Some vendors offer a CD backup option, one of them being iWin. If there is that option it is selected at checkout, otherwise it purchases come with an email receipt you can re-download, but not a physical cd media.

  43. Diane M Lee says:

    I need to re-download and re-activate my purchased games before July 31,2010. But I don’t have a list of them that I can find easily. Please help me. My games are all MAC versions.

  44. Rosie says:

    Can anyone tell me how I ask about a game I bought in a store which doesnt work. I only see help here for online games. thanks

    • Diamond Games says:

      Check the box that the game came in and see if there’s a publisher website or support website or phone number. You may also see if the developer has contact info. Good luck!

  45. Backup discs are available from some of our partners when you purchase the game, but not after. If you don’t have a backup disc you can still use the original email purchase confirmation to re-download the game. Just check your email for the receipt and go from there.

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