Delicious 2 Deluxe

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Emily’s back for more delicious fun in this fast-paced sequel! Help her rescue her family’s finances in five all-new themed restaurants! Use your earnings to purchase decorations, sure to make your customers smile. Emily’s friends and family are on hand to help, but it’s going to take your serving savvy to get Uncle Antonio back on track. Featuring two game modes, all-new customers, and hours of family fun, Delicious 2 Deluxe is just the thing to satisfy your craving for fun!

New game that just came out: Delicious Deluxe 2! The original Delicious Deluxe was a great hit last year when it came out about this time. I tried Delicious Deluxe 2 a bit and the story has improved and the pacing is similar (very slow in the first few stages but then gets much faster). It’s a Zylom game, so they will publish it on RealArcade soon and then on GameHouse before they share with other publishers. Interesting how they call the game “Delicious 2 Deluxe“, because they add “deluxe” to all their games… everyone in the US knows of the game as “Delicious Deluxe”, so “Delicious Deluxe 2” is more appropriate for the US audience. When it’s available from one of our preferred partners we will provide the download link to you. For all of your rabid fans you can still get it from, an excellent site, although we suggest you wait to buy it from another site in a week or two because Zylom charges $29.95 for the game instead of the normal $19.95 from other sites.

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