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Stop a slithering menace in this entertaining twist on the color-matching action-puzzler. Catch falling balls in the mouth of the stone statue and launch them at the serpentine slider creeping its way to the surface. Group the balls into matching groups of three or more and they’ll disappear, taking the slinking snakes with them! Featuring original and addictive gameplay, loads of challenging levels, and delightful graphics, let Karu wind its way into your brain today!

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10 Comments on “Karu”

  1. Frannypooh says:

    I’ve done the game and at he end it asked me the question, what is the answer? Does the answer open another section?Thank’s

  2. Jude says:

    I download the game before. Its was cool. Enjoy to play. But in trial only. I need to know if I download this game thru this site, need us to register or enter any registeration key? If yes would help me to give registration key?. Thank you.

    P/S; This game cool!

  3. All games on are site are unlocked by choosing the “unlock game” option after installing the game from our site. This starts the unlock process, where you will receive a registration key for the game.

  4. ZacksNana says:

    What do I do after I type in my guess to the riddle?

  5. MAcroS says:

    At the end of the game appears a question, what is the answer?
    Does right answer opened more levels?


  6. Chrystal says:

    STATUE per someone on real arcade

  7. Anne says:

    After you answer the question. (The answer is Statue)

    If you click on all the falling balls, before the game actually starts, after about 23 broken balls, you get a free life. This does not work on all levels though.

  8. Courtney says:

    Hi I am on level 13-1 and I can’t answer the riddle! How do I get my answer to be excepted all I see is the save/exit sign and the whatever sign. Does this open up new levels? Please Help Me A.S.A.P (What’s the answer)

  9. badory says:

    Hi Iam in level 16-1 and i dont know the answer can any body help me please :?:

  10. noon says:

    Somebody help me,I want to know Karu question level 16-1

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